In Paredes & Asociados Spain, we strive each case to be served with all possible rigor. If you need specialists in criminal law, you can rely on our firm. With over 25 years of experience we serve:

· Corporate crime - criminal business law.
· Crimes against property and the socioeconomic order.
· Money laundering.
· Crimes against public administration and against the Administration of Justice (prevarication, bribery and corruption).
· Crimes against the Treasury and Social Security.
· Crimes against privacy and self-image.
· Crimes against honor (libel and slander).
· Documentaries falsehoods.
· Crimes against intellectual property.
· Crimes against persons (injuries and reckless homicide).
· Extraditions and international arrest.
· Clemency.
· Crimes against public health.
· Crimes against sexual freedom.

Materia against traffic accident

As far as possible you should avoid accepting any compensation without first consulting a lawyer. The driver, occupant or pedestrian, are entitled to the maximum claim appropriate compensation.

· Claim compensation.
· Injury, sequels and death.
· Judicial and Extrajudicial.
· Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, commuters.

Administrative Litigation

In Paredes & Asociados Spain, we strive each case be served with all possible rigor. If you need specialists in administrative law can rely on our firm. Our results and satisfaction of our customers support us in the Administrative Litigation Law. We highlight the most important:

· Interposition and formalization of administrative appeals before any Administration (Local, Regional or State).
· Property claims against the Administration.
· Resources in Administrative Litigation order against Administrative Resolutions.



In Paredes & Asociados Spain, we strive each case be served with all possible rigor. If you need specialists in civil law can rely on our firm. With over 25 years of experience serve:

Civil matters

· Contractual claims amounts.
· Tort claims amounts.
· Drafting of contracts.
· Extrajudicial claims.
· Executions: foreclosures and auctions.
· Real-estate.
· Purchase / sales.
· Eviction.

Family matters

· Divorces (mutual agreement, dispute, rebellion, international).
· Paternal subsidiaries measures.
· Covenants.
· Amending measures.
· Child abduction.
· Adoptions.
· Inheritances (Advice, litigation, drafting of wills).

Corporate Liability


In Paredes & Asociados Spain, we have designed a special service of agency for companies seeking a comprehensive service:

· Commercial advice.
· Accounting Services.
· Tax counseling.
· Employment advice.


Paredes & Asociados Spain in the field of labor law, maintains a daily update on the major changes occurring in the workplace, among others, those caused by labor reforms and pension system reform.

· Drafting of employment contracts.
· Claims for payment and rights.
· Dismissals and sanctions. Labor disciplinary system.
· Geographical and functional mobility. Business groups and international mobility.
· Substantial change of working conditions.
· Permits and exceedances.
· Records of employment regulation.
· Collective conflicts.
· Disabilities.
· Pensions.
· Advice on workplace harassment or mobbing.
· Trade union rights. Union policies. Negotiation and Planning Framework Agreements Business groups.
· Social Security.
· Criminal and labor Law: Legal advice and legal defense.
· Employment regulation records.
· Corporate restructurings.
· Advice and processing of labor recruitment grants.
· Law on High Positions.
· High contract management.
· Labor contracts and subcontracts.
· Illegal transfer of labor and social crime.

Foreign Nationals

Paredes & Asociados Spain have over two decades of experience in this area and allows us to offer a comprehensive service that includes requiring the employer to hire foreign workers from origin; as well as the foreign worker in his social and professional integration. We handle:

· Visa (stays for studies and research, tourism, family reunion, paid employment / self, sporting and cultural features).
· Extraordinary residence permits (Social Arraigo: employed and self-employed labor roots and attachment to family ties).
· Community permits.
· Asylum and refuge.
· Renewals Permits and Residence Visas.
· Resources replacement, raised and Administrative.
· Expulsions (Via Administrative and Contentious Administrative via).